Ramada Oil Services Company (ROS) established in 1994, We are offers a Team of Highly experienced

Oilfield Professional focused on Oil & Gas, LNG, Onshore/Offshore Power Plant Projects.    


Taking the lead in maintenance optimization

We believe that maintenance is one of the most important tools for optimizing production, ensuring HS and minimizing environmental impact.

 At “ROS” Our integrated approach to project management & operations to provide a quality service at competitive rate


Our core strengths are focused around our collective industry knowledge, international Experience, and ability to deliver projects in remote locations on time budget


In conducting its business, ROS  is inspired by and committed to upholding the principles of integrity, respect, loyalty, efficiency and transparency. Ramada Oil Services Company, has developed key relationships and experience in this region which are particularly critical in times of operational difficulties when urgent solutions are required.


Maintenance is a complex task that demands experienced experts capable of analyzing the requirements, engineering the maintenance, planning and inspecting the operations and finally managing the overall activity. Maintenance Engineering and Inspection is at the heart of this activity