At Ramada we aim to manage our business in a manner that prevents injuries or other harm occurring to people, property or the environment. My commitment to this principle is absolute, as is the Company’s.

Our management system sets out responsibilities at all levels within the company for HSEQ management, and my colleagues on the Board will ensure that sufficient resources, financial and physical, are available to put this policy into effect.

We expect our managers to lead by example and to communicate the Company’s standards and expectations to all our staff. Similarly, we expect all staff to comply fully with this Company policy and to actively participate in achieving the Company’s goals and objectives for HSEQ management by taking individual responsibility, providing feedback and openly engaging with others.

We have appointed competent persons in relevant technical disciplines to assist the Company in managing health, safety and environmental risk, and have put in place a formal competence management system to ensure that everyone who has responsibilities under this policy is equipped to fulfill them.

The Company will ensure that the goals of client satisfaction, ongoing business development and profit are not in conflict with good HSEQ practice. We recognize that a good safety and environmental ethos is of benefit to the business, our clients and the wider community. Similarly, we recognize that a safe and healthy environment protects and encourages our staff, our most important asset.

We will keep this policy under review and, from time to time, revise it as necessary to ensure that it remains valid, fit for purpose and Continues to reflect the Company’s Core values.

 Husni Safsaf